The company

Filmkompaniet MadMonkey is a production company based in Bergen, on the west coast of Norway. We produce independent genre films, music videos, short films and films on commission.

Norway has a long tradition for storytelling, and a breath-taking nature to shoot the films in. We want to use our local culture, long history and sensational nature to make unique genre films!
If you are looking for a co-producer for low budget genre film - contact us!


Production service 

Producer Einar Loftesnes has 15 years experience as a location manager and line producer in Norway. He can show you the best location to film in western Norway, where the coast, fjords, glaciers and mountains dominate the scenery. We also have a Blackmagic Cinema Camera, with two lenses, for rent.

Script development 

Kjersti Steinsbø and Kjersti Helen Rasmussen have 10 years of experience as screenwriters, and offers script development and concept development on features, series and short films. They are also available as script editors, and for screenwriting courses.