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VILLMARK ASYLUM - (Villmark2) 

You can demolish a building, but never remove the past.


An old sanatorium is deteriorating in an isolated forest in the mountains. The elderly janitor is still living there to ensure that no one access the dangerous building. Five contract workers have taken on the task of tracking the huge building for hazardous waste before it’s demolished. Over 300 rooms and kilometres of pipelines have to be screened in three days. They realize that the job is more than a search for asbestos and mercury when they encounter the building's frightening past. Water is gushing from the old pipes, and brings the work to a halt. An attempt to close the water intake leads them to the dark cellar, where they discover the horrible secrets from the sanatoriums past.

Director   Pål Øie
Writer  Pål Øie & Kjersti Helen Rasmussen
Producer Einar Loftesnes and Bendik Heggen Strønstad
Yesbox Productions

Sales agent Epic Pictures


An epidemic thriller in the Norwegian fjords

It is a record hot summer and the glacier is thawing at great speed. A small body from medieval time thaws out and breaks free from the glacier. The body is taken down to the village, and this is the start of an black plague epidemic. Some virus and bacteria can survive for hundred of years in suspended animation, and now they are melting because of climate change. This is a new threat we are not prepared for.  

A few weeks later the entire fjord is quarantined. Nobody gets in or out. Authorities report that the Black Death has broken out, and they introduce a mandatory mass vaccination. Without warning it’s suddenly not possible to reach people on the inside of the quarantine. Authorities blame it on a power failure, but speculation is that riots have broken out in the zone. It turns out that the black plague bacteria has mutated and become multi resistant. No cur. 

Anna (21) wakes up in the woods, with a nasty head wound, and can't remember the last couple of days. She wanders down to the village and finds it desolate and showing signs of struggle. She has to remember what happened here, and find a way out. She meets Will (27), a stranded health worker left behind the lines, and together they find out that the locals have taken the law into their own hands and that no one has any compassion for the sick.  


Director Kjersti Helen Rasmussen

Screenwriter Kjersti Rasmussen
Producer   Einar Loftesnes